SMART ACRYLIC Low Sheen Paint – 10 litres

Product Description

SMART METRO PAINT is an easy to use fast drying low sheen acrylic paint and is formulated for all weather conditions and covers large areas fast. Available in ready mixed colours. This product has excellent opacity using the most light fast pigments for exterior use. Suitable on a variety of substrates such as brick, cement render, masonry, plasterboard, metal and timber.  Use on all exterior and interior surfaces & both porous & non-porous surfaces.

These universal properties make it the ideal choice to protect substrates and allow easy re-coat of surfaces that have been graffitied. It can be applied via brush, paint roller or pressurised spray.

Available in the following colours;

  • Brunswick Green
  • Mission Brown
  • Red Earth
  • Rail Corp Blue
  • Beige


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